Rock, Blues & Contemporary


Originally from Florida, USA, BadKat has lived in Berlin for many years. She is best known for her work in hip hop music. A versatile artist, she quietly produces a wide range of music and media content. In recent years she has focused on producing and sound engineering, creating a wide range of musical genres including electronic, rock, funk and hip-hop. So it's not surprising that their latest work is a combination of all these styles into a unified, very unique sound. Her performance is a combination of live vocals, bass guitar, electronic backbeats and occasional guest appearances with other musicians.


She is also a popular DJane in Berlin, where she provides club enthusiasts with adrenaline-pumping ghouse sets. She recently launched her music and fitness platform Angel of Mud, bridging electronic music and personal fitness, and now she's wowing us all with a deluge of her studio recording and production work.

„Kissing Medusa“, „Southern Comfort“, „Kleshas“, „Cuz You Don’t Deserve Me“ and a lot of singles are their latest self-produced releases, „Dissoziation“ is the debut album by Dungeon Mob. 

Photo (c) cocox22x