EUROPE BLUES TRAIN FESTIVAL 2022 - Meets Soul & Jazz & Global Music



Fri, 03.06. 2022 um 20 Uhr Jazz Treff Karlshorst

Joe Kučera & Friends: Reifegerste Trio & Mauer Blues Five

Moderation: Ulf Drechsel

Beim Jazz Treff Karlshorst |

Im Kulturhaus Karlshorst, Treskowallee 112, 10318 Berlin, Aufgang A | Saal

Eintritt 10 € | Mitglieder und Schwerbeschädigte (GdB 80) 7 € Berlinpass 3 €

Kartenverkauf: über, weitere Verkaufsstellen siehe


Jazz, Soul, Blues, Standards & Eigenkompositionen – der Abend verspricht abwechslungsreich und zugleich ein musikalisches Wohlfühl-Erlebnis

zu werden. Die Verbindung zwischen den beiden Formationen ist der tschechische Wahlberliner „Saxophone Joe“ Kučera.


Thu, 30.06.2022     LEIPZIG | GRASSI-HOF   

Mauer Blues Five        mit special Guests Simone Reifegerste, Jesse Ballard, Honza Hrubý



Fri, 01.07. 2022                        20:00           Goseck, Schlosskirche

Mauer Blues Five        mit special Guests Simone Reifegerste, Jesse Ballard, Honza Hrubý


Sat, 02.07. 2022                       15:00         Schloss Glücksbrunn | BAD LIEBENSTEIN-Schweina

Konzert im Park - Jazz & Blues vom Feinsten

Masters of Melody  (Jesse Ballard, Jan Hrubý, Joe Kučera)

Reifegerste Trio      (Simone Reifegerste, Vladimir Strnad, Joe Kučera)

Mauer Blues Five    (Joe Kučera (CZ) - sax, flute, Carlos Mieres (URY) - acoustic guitar, Vladimir Strnad (CZ) – piano,
                              Jan Greifoner (CZ) – bass, Andrea Marcelli (ITA) - drum


30.08. 2022    Platenlaase

Jesse Ballard, Jan Hrubý, Joe Kučera


Save the Date:

Freitag, 3.9.22 und Samstag, 4.9.22       Berlin, Forum Factory

Europe Blues Train Festival 2022 - Meets Soul & Jazz & Global Music 




EUROPE BLUES TRAIN FESTIVAL #13                                        XXmas Women’n Global Music


Good Blues News! The Europe Blues Train will have a stop in Berlin again!

We invite you to a XX-mas Festival Weekend to celebrate manifold powerful Women’n Blues & Global Music.


On December 18th and 19th, 2021 at the FORUM FACTORY Berlin, we will present authentic blues feeling shining with many colors.

Dvora Davis & The Soul Thrivers will take us from Country Blues to Soul, with Djatou Touré we will travel to where the blues has its roots and let us be charmed by her poetic AfriPop. Rag Doll welcome us to Bessie Smith‘s Roaring Twenties and with Soul Lady Adora Odili we dive into sound scapes of Afro Funk, Down Beats and Jazz. The concert evenings will be opened by Gloria Blau & Sun Komarova.

All Aboard. Let the Good Times Roll. 



18.12. Gloria Blau - Soul, Pop, Chanson

           Dvora Davis & The Soul Thrivers - Blues, Roots, Gospel & Soul

           Djatou Touré - AfriPop & Weltmusik aus Elfenbeinküste


19.12. Sun Komarova - Klassik meets Jazz, Sängerin, Autorin, Gesangspädagogin

          Rag Doll - Classic Blues - Welcome to the Roaring Twenties

          Adora Odili – Blues, Elektro versus Jazz


FORUM FACTORY, Besselstr. 13-14, 10961 Berlin, U-Kochstr.,


Admittance: 2G+ (vaccinated/cured + tested)   Abendkasse 17,-€, ermäßigt 12,-€

                                                                   Vorverkauf  13,-€ zzgl.  Geb:

Ticketlinks:        18.12.2021:


EUROPE BLUES TRAIN FESTIVAL meets Jazz MIGRA-TON / New beginning 2021







Dear frieends and fans of live creative music.

We are happy that we can again during the time of traditional Europe Blues Train Festival introduce some exceptional musical achievements starting with blues, jazz ,rock & roll and sansons as well as live poetry readings.


You  are all very welcome!



03.10.2020 - 30.12.2020





Sisa Feher & Fehero Rocher

Fr 06.09.2019             27248 Ehrenburg, Gasthaus Kastens

Sa 07.09.2019             Hannover, Herrenhäuser Gärten, Int. Feuerwerkswettbewerb

Sammy Vomacka & Joe Kucera & Arik Strauss & Friends

Do 10.10.2019            Berlin, Rickenbacker’s Music Inn

Sa  11.10.2019           Berlin, Centre Bagatelle

Black Kat & Kittens aka Soulthrivers

Fr, 18.10.2019             Bremerhaven, Thieles Garten



2018                                       10 Years Europe Blues Train Festival


There is a universal language that connects people: music. In the colourful chaos of musical languages, the blues has an extra-ordinary position. Although it rises from a secret depth, it is simple and easy to understand. With the blues we are always on the way - and at the same time, already at home since a long time. 

When we are listening to somebody who plays and feels the blues, we do not ask where this person comes from. It is enough, to sway to the rhythms and let us be whisked away into the unknown. 

                                                                                                                                                         (from the foreword 2009 by Jan Štolba)


The history of the Europe Blues Train Festival started as a direct connection Berlin – Praha. In 2009, we presented in both cities on two weekends blues musicians from both countries together on stage, and we called it „Europe Blues Train Festival.“ 


So a project with a special format came into being. Together with a steadily growing network of partners who let the „Europe Blues Train“ stop at their locations we expanded the „rail network“ and spread a pan-European highlight of international understanding far beyond Berlin and Prague. Now the „virtual Europe Blues Train“ has musicians, music lovers, partners and sponsors on board and wherever this „train“ stops, there will be encounters of the „Blue Kind“ coloring the musical event.


Our bags are filled with jump blues, rhythm ’n’ blues, soul, jazz, funk, blues rock as well as grooves and melodies from many regions of this planet. With special instrumentation and impressive voices, different languages, energetic, poetic, and radiating good athmosphere the „Blues Train“ will pick you up and take you for a ride you won‘t forget, over to „Bluesville“ and beyond...


At every stop along the way we are celebrating the authentic and multi-faceted blues feeling and international diversity.  „Blues Made in Europe“ and „Blues Played in Europe“ meet its roots with excellent Blues Men and Blues Women from Europe and the whole wide world.


In Europe’s cultural diversity in every country and with every generation the musicians developed their own styles, marked by their cultures, mentalities and personalities. Also musicians from other continents settled down and established themselves in Europe. It is this diversity that we are happy to present and offer to everyone involved, to the audience, the artists, clubs. These are exciting concert nights full of musical  discoveries. 


We have presented more than 60 international bands in these ten years. We were happy to initiate musical cooperations between musicians from different countries and we experienced „Blues on the Train“ on a bluesy trip on Germany’s oldest museums train. 


We want to express our heartfelt thanks to all our partners, supporters, funders, sponsors, media partners, photographers, video artists, cooperation partners, friends and last but not least to the amazing audiences, who traveled with us and the „Europe Blues Train“ over the last ten years. 

Let the good times roll.


Birgit Bogner & Joe Kučera 

Berlin, December 2018