SUN BLUES – Traditional Pop-Blues aus Sudan


The virtuoso on the oud comes from Omdourman, the heart of Sudan, where the Blue & White Nile meet and the Blues was born.

The sound artist combines musical currents from different continents and eras and developed his own music genre between Africa, the Orient and Europe on the trail of the Sudanese tradition, blues, jazz and pop with avant-garde



It is as if his oud can speak, as if its lyrics flow like a hypnotized melody from the musician's subconscious via his nimble fingers directly into the instrument.



He played on numerous concerts on international stages, played with famous musicians from Sudan and was was the head of the music department at the Sudanese radio station "Khartoum FM" (kfm89).



At the beginning of the 90s he played with the well-known reggae band "Culture Roots", which influenced the then "Jam" in Berlin to be renamed "Yaam" at the celebration of Jamaican Independence Day. 1991-1997 tours with Mohammad Alamin and Abdelaziz Almubarak, played numerous concerts in Yemen at Sanaa University, Netherlands, UK and in the "National Theater of Omdourman", the largest concert hall in Sudan, with well-known Sudanese artists, such as Attomat. 

2005-2009 head of the music department at the Sudanese radio station "Khartoum FM" (kfm89), where he gave a platform to many well-known artists.



Photo (c) Valentina Italia