Soul, Pop, Chanson of Berlin


With a cheeky saying on her lips and a challenge in view, her heart is relentlessly open to us. 
The multiple award-winning newcomer has purposeful German lyrics that stay in your head and stir you up. With her self-written songs in 2017 she was invited as a federal prize winner to the “Young Music Scene Meeting” of the federal competitions Berliner Festspiele and in 2021 is the fourth year in the funding program “Pop Kultur Nachwuchs” in Berlin. She started her solo career in 2018 with a musical education at the “Universität der Künste Berlin” and years of experience in various bands.                                          Photo (c) Norman Staron      

With a radiant presence and a unique voice, she abducts her audience into her very own world of words and melodies, sometimes wild and loud, sometimes very vulnerable.