Music speaks louder than words… it is the only thing people listen to… Born in Gainesville, Georgia (USA), Ingrid Arthur became one of the most powerful voices in the history of music. She is not a only a wonderful singer, she is the goddess of soul with her rich, powerful traditional gospel background with the soul of Aretha Franklin, Mavis Staples, Mahalia Jackson. Throughout her career, Ingrid worked together with many international stars. Her credits include performances with The Golden Gospel Singers, Gayle Tufts, The James Last Orchestra, Bette Middler and Delle (from SEEED). Famous are her performances with her sister Dynelle Rhodes, one of the hottest European duo "The Weather Girls" world renowned for their hit single "It's Raining Men". Since 2002 Ingrid Arthur now lives in Berlin, but is still touring the world with her amazing performances.


Ingrid Arthur was one of our celebrated „Women in Blues“ at the Europe Blues Train Festival 2014 at the ufaFabrik. In the same year, she performed together with the Lubos Andrst Blues Band in Prague.


Tonight she will be our musical hostess and lead us through a fascinating evening of Blues music.