(thick jazz-blues soup made in a Czech pot)


In 2000 Ondřej Konrád, the most credited mouth harp player and singer, winner of several surveys made by jazz magazines, made band Gumbo, whose name is derived from the New Orleans Creole cuisine. Gumbo is a thick soup with several kinds of meat and vegetables, typical of the smell of local herbs and tastes and hotness - just like the band's music made "in a Czech pot" should be. Its "soup" is made of blues, ballads, jazz, funk, rock and folk. Nevertheless, the band makes sure its soup is not too hot and too salty!

Guitar player Josef Štepánek is a co-founder of GUMBO. He represents the elite of the new Czech jazz generation, just as piano and organ player Jakub Zitko, bassist Daniel Eberle and drummer Roman Vícha, who have won a well-established position as soloists and accompanying players on the local music scene.

Diffusion of genres produces a typical sound and character of music although blues, jazz and improvisation remain the "foundation stones". GUMBO is a solid part of czech music scene and was well received at several festivals a concerts in Germany, France, Belgium, Poland , Slovakia etc. On CD Aspon jednu krásu sveta (2008) are group´s own songs with poetical lyrics.


Ondřej Konrád (voc, harp)

Josef Štepánek (g)

Jakub Zitko (org)

Daniel Eberle (b)

Martin Kopřiva (dr)