Simone Reifegerste, of whom 'Audio' magazine wrote, 'Many famous singers would be happy to have just a little of her expressiveness', founded the Reifegerste Trio together with the well-known Czech saxophonist and flautist Joe Kučera.


'The Sensational Saxophone Joe', as he is called by many music colleagues, is an internationally known jazz musician and veteran of the American singer / songwriter scene in Berlin in the 70s and 80s.


Vladimír Strnad, the Prague-born pianist, film composer and member of the Prague National Theater, has been completing the trio since 2019.

The Reifegerste Trio plays its unique blend of original compositions and a handful of jazz and pop classics in an unmistakable and entertaining humorous way.



In May 2021, Joe Kučera's long-awaited second solo album TAKE A HEART was released, which also was produced in 'Studio Forstmehren' by Simone Reifegerste and Tom Dams. And of course, once again it was done with a little 'musical help' from Simone on vocals and Vlada on piano.

TAKE A HEART has been celebrated by fans and critics alike and has since been accompanied by numerous club concerts with Reifegerste Trio in Germany and the Czech Republic.

On TAKE A HEART Joe Kučera can also be heard for the first time as a singer in the Czech language.

2011 the Trio published their first studio album „AM I“, together with the outstanding Chris Szachnowski on piano, recorded in only two days. The previous album „Live at Oxident“ had been released in 2007 (with Johannes Kersthold, piano).


Simone Reifegerste, vocal

Vladimír Strnad, piano

Joe Kučera, saxophones 

Photo (c) Zuzana Richter