TROTTER  T's Independent Boogie Co.

                                      T's Independent Boogie Co.


The name signifies nothing but Trotter's soft spot for the Blues. After spending more than two decades in the UK and Australia honing an illustrious career in various musical genres with all sorts of different people, a few years ago he returned to his homeland. And the Blues just won't leave him alone. „Once you've caught the bug you've had it.“ he says with a smile. „And that's exactly why we started the „Independents“. More like a congregation of individual musicians than a steady band they sporadically meet to celebrate their passion for the Blues together. 


Die Line-up:


Julius Seelig  – vocs.

Benny Krise – guit.

Marc Witte – keybds.

Markus Kunz – harps

Roger Radatz – drums

Trott – bass


The „Independents“ like to invite special guests to their shows. 

That makes every appearance of theirs a different experience to the last one,  while their endless passion for the Blues shines through their music everytime. Beutel Blues Band


Julius Seelig: Originally a drummer, Julius Seelig is the founder member of the Blues Alligators which exists for more than 30 years now and since 1996 he is the singer of the band.

Roger Radatz: Fascinated be the lusty and down-to-eath style, the drummer Roger Radatz went to New Orleans to get to know the jazz heroes living there: Louis Nelson, Kid Thomas, Willie & Percy Humphrey, and the drummers Cie Frazier, Louis Barbarin, Chester Jones and above all Freddie Kohlman!  After Kohlman's death, Roger Radatz is one of the few who keep alive his typical beat and sound. 1986 Roger Radatz founded the band "Roger & The Evolution" and since then dedicates himself to the music of Louis Prima, who he also met during his visit in New Orleans.