Dub-Blues rocks Beatbox, Guitar & Harmonica on Live Loop


The duo was founded in Berlin in 2019. Their sounds are overlapping loops with beatbox, harmonica, guitar and effects pedals. Mixing hip-hop, trip-hop, dub, blues-rock, jazz, funk and whatever else they can throw into the experimental salad bowl of sounds they call songs, they create an uplifting chill vibe for their audience.


Wynton Kelly Stevenson

The Afro-American from New Jersey came to Berlin through his father and well-known jazz musician Rudy Stevenson and immediately became popular in the best Berlin jazz clubs and local bars. Later he plays with Duct Tape, Batsauce, The Wynstrument. He is HOHNER's brand ambassador and combines the finest blues, beat bass, experimental jazz with the loop station and beat boxes with his harmonica.                         


Nico Kleihn

The Argentinian from Buenos Aires learned to play the guitar at the age of 10 and studied it at the "Conservatorio Beethoven". He was Music Producer at EMBA, Events Producer at UADE and played with the bands VTH (Vermouth), Coco Magnolias, Soda Can, Paff, Toro Santo and today also with Mystery Of Chaos and The Otherness. He lives in Berlin since 2019.                                                                                                                                                 


Photo (c) Nat Gass