On the cover of his CD, "Live At Yorckschlößchen Berlin" are two sentences which explain everything. They say, "The Blues looks for its own people. It needs someone who knows what they want and what it is all about". Waldi knows that. He and his guitar are the perfect "couple" for the Blues. With his amazing thumb attack guitar playing technique, he has developed a very original playing style. When he plays his guitar, nothing can come between him and his "darling"," and he touches her just like he touches his audience.


The music he plays lies somewhere in between funk and blues and jazz. "The groove comes from the sounds". That is the motto with which he picks his fellow band members and with them, he is well taken care of.


Blues music from the German province of Thuringen, by a man who has chosen to make Berlin his home. A man who also appreciates and can play Jazz. Waldi Weiz is a guitar virtuoso and cult figure on the music scene.



Line Up - Sat, 26. August 2017 – Chemnitz Stadtfest


Waldi Weiz Trio (DE/NL/RU)


Waldi Weiz (g, voc)

Tom Ansink (key, keybass)

Igo Prjahin (dr)